The New Song

Jesus is the New Song sung my Mary

a song of praise, hope and justice;

a song of salvation for all who believe;

a song of good news for the poor and oppressed;

a song of prophecy, freedom and revolution

a song of God’s mercy and faithfulness;

Jesus is the New Song sung by Mary,

a song of God’s justice


Jesus is the New Song sung by the angels:

a song that calls for courage, not fear;

a song of good news and great joy

a song of prophecy fulfilled in the Messiah;

a song of a child born in the midst of poverty, yet a King;

a song of praise and worship of an awesome God;

Jesus is the New Song sung by the angels

a song of peace to God’s people.


Jesus is the New Song sung by each of us:

a song that demands obedience in the midst of freedom;

a song that is always old and always new

a song of the Word that was in the beginning

a song that must be practiced individually and in community

a song of enthusiasm, joy and God’s surprises;

Jesus is the New Song sung by each of us

a song of faithful discipleship.


Sing the New Song with faith, commitment, openness, hope, struggle, even pain.

Sing the New Song living with God and claiming God’s promises.

Sing the New Song following closely the teachings and example of Jesus.

Sing the New Song listening to the Holy Spirit within.

Sing the New Song!

The New Song is Jesus!

The New Song is God’s song within each of us.


A Blessed Christmastide to all.


Joyce D. Sohl, Laywoman-in-Residence




Joyce D. Sohl has been Laywoman-in-Residence since 2009 as a full-time volunteer. She retired as CEO of United Methodist Women in 2004. She is the author of 4 books, a teacher, retreat leader, writer and non-professional musician. Here at the Center her work is in the area of Spirituality & the Arts with such programs as Tuesdays in the Chapel, Vespers & All That Jazz, Poet’s Corner, quarterly retreats, and art exhibits.