Belle H. Bennett Fellowship

Note: This program is currently on haitus. Please stay tuned for more information.

Empowering Young Women for Sustainable Activism

Training Tomorrow’s Leaders

The Belle H. Bennett Fellowship is a 10-month residential program for women who have graduated college and are looking to discern their vocations at the intersections of activism and spirituality. Fellows do field work in community-based organizations, discern 1:1 with mentors, and engage weekly reflection, spiritual practice, and study. Fellows also serve as Program Assistants, offering administrative, program development, and program facilitation help to the Education team. Their work also includes social media implementation and documentation work, in coordination with the Marketing department, and assistance in grounds-related and cleaning tasks around campus. The program is available to 3 female/ woman-identifying post-undergraduate applicants.

For the duration of the program, fellows are empowered to explore the dynamics of social change, spirituality, and activism and are encouraged to discern their vocations within this context. Fellows gain practical experience engaging social justice and anti-oppression work through placements in community-based organizations in Nashville, as well as experience working on personal and group dynamics, conflict management, community building, and self-care.

The purpose of the program is to prepare young women to lead social justice movements and organizations with integrity and the capacity to engage oppression with intersectionality. The program also builds capacities necessary for women to articulate deep, personal conviction about their work and integrate self-care for sustainable, life-long leadership.

The Program

Each year, 5 participants are selected from around the country for this 10-month program.

Fellows are placed for ten-months with community-based organizations engaged in social justice and anti-oppression work at the local level, such as grassroots organizing groups and nonprofits. Each site placement identifies specific goals and outcomes for the fellows and provides the supervision and resources necessary to accomplish them.

Fellows also work as team assistants with Scarritt Bennett’s Education Office, connect one-one-one with a mentor, build community at the Center, and meet weekly for personal and professional development trainings.

Participants live together in an intentional community practicing a simple and sustainable lifestyle. Scarritt Bennett supports the well-being of each fellow throughout the program so that these young women will be able to dedicate their lives to the work of the program. For the allotted program length, each participant will receive housing with all utilities paid, full health insurance coverage, 40 hours of paid work per month at Scarritt Bennett Center, street or lot parking, and help in getting student loans deferred.


  • Arranged unpaid internship with Nashville nonprofit
  • Part-time paid work with Scarritt Bennett Center
  • Health insurance
  • Housing and utilities
  • Membership in a learning community of fellows
  • Experience with community leaders
  • Training / Mentoring / Leadership Development
  • Experience with project management