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Scarritt Bennett offers residencies and learning communities that stay together for extended periods of time to cultivate deeper growth.

Residencies and learning communities offer individuals and groups the opportunity to work for racial justice, engage faith-based movement building, and connect with our partners, coalitions, and networks in order to build deeper relationships on the local, regional, and national levels alongside organizations and networks involved in long-haul racial justice movement work. Residencies & learning communities offer the Center an opportunity to participate in the sustainability, self-care, and longevity of activists in critical movement work and innovation.

These residencies & fellowships are not just extra people on deck; they are integral parts of the Center’s methodology as various entry points for life-long leadership development in the faith-rooted, action-oriented work of the Center. These offerings are concrete ways that the Center accompanies, supports, and strengthens the work of leaders throughout their lives.

Participation in these communities is generally through an application process.



The Center currently offers the following fellowship programs and residencies as part of the Center’s leadership development pipeline:

1) Belle H. Bennett Fellowship, a cohort-based residential program for emerging women activists. Note: This program is currently on haitus. Please stay tuned for more information.

2) Resident Campus Assistant, a residential program for professional development

3) Laywoman-in-Residence, for retirement-aged and/or post-career lay leaders



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