Since its founding as a nonprofit in 1988, and even before through its heritage as Scarritt College for Christian Workers, Scarritt Bennett Center has been committed to equipping people to work for justice, rooted in cultural practices and spiritual traditions. This work furthers the organization’s mission to create a space where individuals and groups engage each other to create a more just world.

Educational offerings transform individuals and groups seeking to strengthen commitments and skills in faith-based activism, organizing, and social justice work in their own communities, congregations, and alongside frontline movement work. At the heart of our approach to education is cohort-based training, collaboration for movement building, immersive learning, and intergenerational leadership development that centers the leadership of women.

Scarritt Bennett Center provides a hospitable context for individuals from all backgrounds to engage in thoughtful dialogue about relevant social issues. We have a place here for you, too, to join the conversation! If you have not yet had the opportunity to take part in our educational offerings, we invite you to join us. Offerings are posted on our event calendars. We look forward to meeting you soon!

In all our offerings, we help people practice…

  • Engaging a power analysis/systems and structure critique in anti-oppression work;
  • Adopting a holistic approach that is grounded in multi-cultural and spiritual traditions;
  • Rooting the work in practical application and lived experiences;
  • Promoting alternative and counter-cultural literacy and competency;
  • Enlisting expertise and participation from persons across generations; and
  • Creating learning environments that center the experiences & leadership of people and communities of color.