Concert & Retreat

On Friday evening, August 25th at 7 PM, Sherry Cothran will do a concert in Harambee Auditorium, Fonder Hall. This concert and retreat is titled, “Hundreds of Ways to Kneel and Kiss the Ground”. Rev. Cothran will perform songs that explore core ancient wisdom from many traditions including the Sufi poetry of Rumi and Hafiz, Egyptian prose, writings from biblical literature and Native American writings. She will also sing of her own hard- learned wisdom from working with immigrants, homeless and refugees in Nashville.

Through her music, Sherry is trying to help people break down barriers of difference and find common pathways that all can walk together in peace. She is using wisdom teachings and writings to help in this process.

The concert is open to the public with a $10 admission fee, payable at the door. Doors will open at 6:30 PM. Parking Lot A off 18th Ave. South is the closest to the event.

Sherry will be joined on Saturday morning by Rabbi Rami Shapiro for a creative, interactive workshop applying core wisdom from ancient traditions to our lives. This event will be held in International Room from 9 until noon at the cost of $45. Registration on line at

The workshop will look at the barriers within religion, spirituality and life to reveal purpose and meaning for our living today. Texts and themes to be explored are: “Finding Purpose in a Meaningless World” (Ecclesiastes); “Where the Heck is God?” (Job); “Fear of the Unknown & the Afterlife”(Egyptian Wisdom Text); “The Field Beyond Right and Wrong” (Rumi); and “Seeing the Sacred in the Stranger” (Hebrews). Participants will learn how to connect more deeply to their own, unique story, hidden creative gift or perhaps revive an abandoned childhood dream as we roam the world of the ancient sages.

Come and join us for both of these events.

Joyce D. Sohl

Joyce SohlJoyce D. Sohl has been Laywoman-in-Residence since 2009 as a full-time volunteer. She retired as CEO of United Methodist Women in 2004. She is the author of 4 books, a teacher, retreat leader, writer and non-professional musician. Here at the Center her work is in the area of Spirituality & the Arts with such programs as Tuesdays in the Chapel, Vespers & All That Jazz, Poet’s Corner, quarterly retreats, and art exhibits.