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Scarritt Bennett Center Blog

The Gift of Peace

The dictionary defines peace as a state of quiet, freedom from civil disturbance, harmony in personal relations, security/order in community, a pact to end hostilities. In the biblical/theological sense, peace is an inner quiet/assurance, lack of war/violence/conflict, unity healing, reconciled relationships, justice and eternal life. Jesus,...

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The Gift of Hope

Hope is not an easy word for children and many adults. Hope goes beyond “wishful thinking.” Hope, in the biblical understanding knows that God is in charge of the world. Often we forget this fact. At times we think we are in charge, or the...

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The Gift of Love

The hymn by Christina G. Rossetti, “Love came down at Christmas” uses the word “love” many times. At times it is a metaphor for Jesus and/or God; at other times human love is her focus. Read this hymn prayerfully several times.   Love came down at Christmas Love...

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What kind of Thanksgiving are you planning? Is it a big meal of extended family and a celebration of what binds you together? A chance to try out some new culinary chops or a return to deeply held traditions? A prelude to shopping madness? A...

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After Election Day: Breathing Easier

The election is over, and we can all breathe a sigh of relief that the crazy intensity has passed. Our republic survived. And looking back over the last year, maybe we can start to look for lessons learned, not so much about the candidates or...

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It’s Christmas Concert Time! Save the dates!

Believe it or not, but it is time to think about and make plans to attend Christmas concerts in Wightman Chapel here at Scarritt Bennett Center. We have an exciting schedule with talented musicians. All concerts are one-half hour in length and begin at 1:00...

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