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SBC-BenJames-71-1010712Laskey Building

Laskey Building. Built in 1968, the Laskey Building was named to honor Virginia Davis Laskey of Ruston, Louisiana. Laskey is one of the busiest buildings on the Scarritt Bennett Center campus, housing the welcome center, 10 meeting spaces and the Laskey Research Library.

The most convenient parking for guests attending meetings in this building and overnight guests checking in is Scarritt Bennett Center Parking Lot A off 18th Ave South.

Susie_Gray_Dining_Hall-resizeSusie Gray Dining Hall

Built in 1928, the dining hall was named in honor of Susie Walton in 1943. The Oxford-Eton style dining room is 90 feet long with refectory tables and chairs. The windows bear the seals of the 25 states where the Woman’s Missionary Society had been organized before 1927. The exceptional dining hall has a capacity for up to 125 guests seated, or 200 guests reception-style.

The most convenient parking for guests attending events in the dining hall is Scarritt Bennett Center Parking Lot B off of 18 Ave South.

SBC-BenJames-02-1010556Scarritt Hall

Built in 1928, Scarritt Hall was named in honor of Dr. Nathan Scarritt, who provided the land for the campus. Housed within this beautiful building are the International Room and Scarritt Parlor. Scarritt Parlor on the first floor was once used as the college’s main lobby. Now a parlor and meeting area, the room is decorated with historic portraits and beautiful stained glass windows. The International Room, located on the second floor, was the college’s original library. The most convenient parking for guests attending events in the Scarritt Building is Scarritt Bennett Center Parking Lot B off of 18th Ave South.

SBC-BenJames-43-1010576Bennett Hall

Bennett Hall was built in 1928.The first floor of Bennett Hall is a series of semiformal parlors decorated with historic furnishings. These rooms serve as the hospitality area for the center and are the site of numerous banquets and receptions every year. The large parlor has a fireplace on each end with an inscription over it. Upstairs are two meeting rooms, the Raintree Room and Dogwood Room. A cloister connects Bennett Hall with Scarritt Hall.

The most convenient parking for guests attending events in Bennett Hall is Scarritt Bennett Center Parking Lot B off of 18th Ave South.

Fondren Hall

Built in 1950, this building honors Mrs. W.W. Fondren of Houston, Texas. The first floor has been a gym, theatre and student union during the Scarritt College days. It is now Harambee auditorium, which was remodeled in 1990 as a media center / auditorium. The second floor has four additional meeting rooms. Tucked in the west corner of the first floor is the Mary E. Skinner Chapel.

The most convenient parking for guests attending events in Fondren Hall is Scarritt Bennett Center Parking Lot A off of 18th Ave South.

SBC-BenJames-15-1010803Wightman Chapel

Built in 1928, this beautiful place of worship is named in honor of Mrs. Maria Davies Wightman, president of the Woman’s Board of Foreign Missions, Methodist Episcopal South, from 1894 – 1908. These were crucial years in the struggle for women’s rights in the church and in the nation. Maria Davies Wightman was a pioneer who advocated for the training of women as missionaries for the denomination.

Built in the classic gothic cathedral style, Wightman Chapel is an architectural treasure. The chapel was featured in the PBS television series, “Designed for Worship,” as one of the finest sacred spaces in Nashville. Music soars into the gothic arches from the organ and from vocal and instrumental groups in concert. Brides process down its 90 foot center aisle every weekend of the year.

In the 1950’s, Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke in Wightman Chapel about the role of the church in combating racism as part of a student series on nonviolent demonstrations.

The most convenient parking for guests attending events in Wightman Chapel is Scarritt Bennett Center Parking Lot A off of 18th Ave South.

SBC-BenJames-66-1010686Bragg Residence Hall

Built in 1950, Bragg Residence Hall honors Grace L. Bragg, president of the Woman’s Division of Christian Services, 1940 – 1948. A comfortable residence for Scarritt Bennett Center’s guests, Bragg has three floors with over 35 guest rooms.

Cadwallader Residence Hall

Built in 1963, the residence hall was named after Charles N. Cadwallader and has two floors with a total of over 50 rooms.

SBC-BenJames-63-1010659Gibson Residence Hall

Built in 1940, this residence hall was constructed using funds collected by alumni throughout the world to honor Miss Maria Layng Gibson, the first principal of Scarritt Bible and Training School. The residence hall contains more than 45 guest rooms and a beautiful central parlor on the first floor.

SBC-BenJames-69-1010706Strothers Meeting House

Strothers Meeting House was built in 1800. The 20′ x 24′ structure was built of hand-hewn logs in Sumner County, Tennessee, near Cottontown. The log meeting house was an appointment in the newly organized Western conference of the Methodist Church. Francis Asbury presided over the first conference west of the Allegheny Mountains on October 2, 1802. The meeting house was moved from its original location to its current location on the Scarritt Bennett Center campus for preservation. It is owned and maintained by the Tennessee conference of the United Methodist Church.

SBC-BenJames-64-1010663Helen Baker Price International Garden

Created in 1966, the garden is located in front of Gibson Residence Hall and contains an outdoor labyrinth built in 2004. An international peace pole stands in the garden with, “May peace prevail on Earth,” written in seven languages.